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the peoples party today

The Peoples agenda - Chris Prior




"We must transform Britain to secure our future. Current policies are failing to deliver.

Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats offer you more of the same.

I believe that the British people deserve far better and that revolutionary change is required to achieve success."


Making Britain work
To generate growth and prosperity, we must do all that we can to stimulate business and enterprise. We will abolish business taxes and cut regulation to the bone.
Peoples taxes must be used for peoples priorities
Excellence in public services requires both fundamental changes and proper funding. Above all else, we must give our children a first class education. To help achieve this, the Peoples Party will double funding for education to 180bn or on average 18,000 per child. We will also increase funding for health by up to 25%, and transport by 50% over and above the Coalition's plans.

Government must make you better off
To help achieve this, the Peoples Party will reform and simplify taxation, abolishing many taxes including:

Tax on savings
Higher income tax rates of 40% and 45%
Stamp Duty
Inheritance Tax
Vehicle Excise Duty
Air Passenger Duty
Insurance Premium Tax
Capital Gains Tax
Duties on beer, wines and spirits
Corporation Tax
Employers National Insurance Contributions
Business Rates for small businesses
Quasi taxes such as the TV Licence

The Peoples Party will also undertake a radical reform of the welfare system to encourage work as the way out of poverty and to provide proper pensions to those who have retired. It will exempt pensioners from taxes on incomes and the council tax, creating a new fund to provide a pension of up to 500 per week.

  If you support our policies, please give what you can so we can make them happen
You must act to make government better Yesterdays solutions to today's problems will no longer do Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats offer you more of same We are a party for everyone To make government serve the people Win seats and influence others Christopher Prior is the leader of the Peoples Party We need you to help


Published and promoted by Christopher Prior,
The Peoples Party for Better Government, 13 Middle Way, Oxford OX2 7LH


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