The campaign to win the next general election starts TODAY

Key policies

“Let’s embrace hope rather than despair.
Together we can transform Britain.”

Our country is failing, public services are decaying, every day we are getting relatively poorer and yet nothing is being done to reverse the decline. We need hope rather than despair.

Fundamental change is essential, the tinkering and fiddling offered by existing politicians depressingly useless in the face of the problems we face. You have been betrayed by successive governments and the established political parties. We need a revolution, not more of the same. Britain must have policies to deliver success rather than deal with failure.

With leadership, we can transform our lives and those of our children if we dare to vote for a better future. We face an intergenerational struggle, one in which the young must be championed over the old.

Education must be the top priority. It is crucially important that we do what it takes to make education outstanding at every level for all. Not only does it provide the route for individual opportunity and national success, it also offers massive benefits by cutting the knock-on costs of educational failure in areas such as welfare, crime and ill health.

We will only succeed if government is made excellent and anything else is unacceptable. The corruption that tolerates repeated failure must be rooted out. Outcomes matter, incompetence is deplorable. First class public services are vital for progress, they enable prosperity and growth, stimulating a virtuous cycle of improvement. Government must not be a burden but continually add value. Enhancing its performance, cutting taxes, delivering more for less, are key elements in making you better off and happier.

Chris Prior