Agree with us, your help is vital to deliver the revolution our country needs

We offer a full range of costed, progressive policies that concentrate on the key priorities that most people want government to deliver.

The Peoples Party appeals across the political spectrum. In the past, like so many people you will have voted without enthusiasm but because your choice was “less bad” than an alternative. Even if you are a committed supporter you will no doubt have become disenchanted with the way your party is drifting from your ideals.

We are different to the traditional parties. We are new, decisive and optimistic, we have hope, we believe in the future and we will deliver the radical changes that will everyone’s lives better.

The Peoples Party is precisely what its name implies, it is the party for everyone. Our support comes from those who care deeply about their country and want a government that will drive a transformation to make our country the best it can be.

Voting for us is a positive choice, our policies think big, are geared for the twenty-first century and beyond. Support us and donate, so that we can succeed in making Britain truly Great for all.

Chris Prior