Crime is unacceptable and must not be tolerated. It is usually not committed by accident but is the result of a deliberate decision to do wrong. Most crime is perpetrated by a relatively small group of habitual criminals. Police forces often have an abysmal clear-up rate, allowing many criminals to continue without fear of being caught.

We must understand and remove the causes of crime, catch criminals and ensure that they do not re-offend in the future. We must break the “revolving door” approach that lets career criminals commit further crime and impose additional suffering and costs on society.

The Peoples Party will:

  • through dramatically improved education and encouragement to business give skills and create opportunities, ensure that crime is not seen as economically attractive

  • provide improved mental care services to help those who vulnerable to criminal activity
  • introduce new measures to deter and prevent crime, targeting those groups who are most likely to commit crime
  • introduce a zero tolerance approach to “minor” crime such as graffiti and bike theft
  • cut the prison population by doing everything possible to avoid having to send people to prison in the first place
  • decriminalise drugs, treating use a medical and social problem
  • fundamentally change the criminal justice system to ensure that career criminals are not released from prison to commit new crimes
  • set up a rehabilitation scheme for those prisoners who promise not to re-offend to give them one chance to “go straight”
  • create “a wipe the slate clean” option for first time offenders, avoiding giving people criminal records that can blight their future prospects
  • establish networks of local police volunteers, akin to the lifeboat or retained fire services, to provide an immediate response to antisocial behaviour and criminal activity
  • allow people to claim compensation to cover the costs of crime and incentivise police officers to keep claims as low as possible
  • look for a significant longer term reduction in the cost of law and order as our policies cut crime and the need for “criminal justice industry”
  • create a single Emergency Service, merging police, fire and ambulance services and encourage personnel to multi-task