Our prosperity depends on the success of business and commerce. Every step must be taken to make our country the most attractive place to start, run, expand and invest in businesses. Government has a vital role to play in providing the right environment for enterprise but too often government initiatives hinder rather than help business.

Taxing UK based businesses no longer makes economic sense and, with globalisation, is increasingly unfair.

Our pursuit of excellence in public services will deliver real commercial benefits. We believe that money should be left with companies to do what business does best; to employ people and create wealth.

The Peoples Party will:

  • abolish Corporation Tax and exempt the first £30,000 of profit for the self employed from income based taxes
  • abolish Employers National Insurance contributions and Self Employed National Insurance contributions
  • abolish most regulation particularly in employment matters and replace with a “short” business charter
  • cap the liability of companies, limit claims and the scope for litigation
  • abolish Business Rates for all businesses with less than a £1m turnover