Ensuring long term energy supplies is a primary responsibility of government. Energy must be affordable, sustainable and available.

Expedient measures such as burning natural gas to create electricity is an extremely wasteful use of a precious resource and like the use of gas in heating, it contributes very significantly to UK emissions. Further it makes us increasingly dependent on continental pipelines or LPG tankers, providing a major strategic vulnerability.

Demand for electricity will increase very dramatically as it provides for transport and heating, in addition to its current uses. We must act now to make sure that there is sufficient supply.

The Peoples Party will:

  • triple UK generation capacity and upgrade the national grid accordingly
  • support the use of small and medium reactors (SMRs) as the most practical and environmentally friendly solution to our energy needs. We will free Rolls Royce from restrictions in the development and application of this technology. We will also investigate other nuclear options such as compact molten salt reactors (CMSR). Both reactor types could be located in offshore barges
  • encourage the exploitation of UK offshore wind resources
  • support compressed air, hydrogen and battery plants to store energy from wind
  • encourage domestic energy production through solar roofs
  • encourage the replacement of gas boilers with air source heat pumps
  • promote electric cars and lorries