The system of farming subsidies is fundamentally flawed.

We will encourage farming businesses as all business by a combination of tax and regulation elimination.

In particular we will support farmers in switching from animal to plant based food production. We believe that meat and dairy production is bad for the environment, inherently cruel and not good human health.

The Peoples Party will:

  • abolish subsidies and establish measures to compensate for the loss of agricultural subsidies such as payments for maintaining wildlife habitats
  • encourage farmers to concentrate on the production of high quality, wholesome and health-promoting foodstuffs
  • look to phase out meat and dairy products in favour of plant based foods
  • we will subside plant based foods to make them cheaper than their eco damaging/cruel meat and dairy based equivalents
  • ban the killing of animals without stunning
  • ban all non UK based fishing boats from UK waters
  • encourage developing economies to export agricultural produce to the UK