About the Peoples Party

We offer positive, progressive policies that concentrate on the key priorities that most people want government to deliver.

We aim to transform British politics by moving the debate forward from the old politics of the past.

The Peoples Party appeals across the political spectrum.

Whether you vote Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or Green, the Peoples Party is for you. We also want to reach out to the millions who, fed up with the choices offered by the main parties, see little point in voting at all.

The Conservative Party does not want to change things, Labour is out of date, mired in the past of “a them and us” rut of class struggle, the Liberal Democrats are too wishy-washy and the Greens won’t make the hard decisions needed to protect the environment while increasing prosperity.

We are different. We are decisive and optimistic, we have hope, we believe in the future and we will deliver the radical changes that will everyone’s lives better.

The Peoples Party is precisely what its name implies, it is the party for everyone. Our support comes from those who care deeply about their country and want a government that will drive a transformation to make our country the best it can be.

Voting for us is a positive choice, we offer bold new policies that think big, that are geared for the twenty-first century and beyond.

In the past, like so many people you will have voted without enthusiasm but because your choice was “less bad” than an alternative. Even if you are a committed supporter you will no doubt have become disenchanted with the way your party is drifting from your ideals. 

Of course, no one policy is the preserve of a particular party but to give a flavour of why you should vote for us if you previously voted:

Conservative – we will actually cut taxes, slash bureaucracy and free business to do what it does best; we will stop criminals from reoffending, tackle the welfare culture,  and focus on increasing prosperity for all

Labour – we will make public services excellent, doubling education spending, deliver truly world class integrated health care, build millions of affordable homes, support trade unions and will scrap nuclear weapons

Liberal Democrat– we will rejoin the European Union and reform Britain’s institutions

Green – we will deliver the green transformation by electrifying our economy and phasing out livestock and dairy farming

Our values

Underpinning our progressive agenda and desire for radical change is a strong belief in and support for traditional British values. We are proud of our country, its history, culture and ethos – we believe in Great Britain and want it to be greater still. We believe in decency, honesty and fair play and the quintessential qualities that distinguish us from citizens of other countries. 

Ours is the Britain of Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem, Men of Harlech, Scotland the Brave, Rule Britannica, I Vow to Thee, my Country and If. The traits of courage, risk taking, self discipline, stoicism, hard work, humility, duty, trust, loyalty, integrity, egalitarianism, tolerance, forgiveness, self sacrifice, respect and leadership embodied in this poem epitomise the British spirit.

For us real patriotism is about far than posing in front of a few union jacks, it is about living and breathing British values in everyday life and doing the right thing. You cannot stand for Britain if you lie in your private and public life. We deplore the sham patriotism of those who put themselves and their career before doing what is best for the British people.

Our mission is to ensure everyone has the best possible opportunities to succeed and thrive in the world.