About the Peoples Party

We are a progressive party offering positive policies that concentrate on the key priorities that most people want government to deliver.

We will transform political debate away from the old politics of the past toward the agenda required to create a modern, dynamic economy for the twenty-first century and beyond.

We offer hope not lies, we believe in the future and we will deliver the radical changes that will make everyone’s lives better.

We want to make Britain the best place to live in the world. We will do whatever it takes to deliver the economic growth that will make people richer, happier and freer. 

The Peoples Party appeals across the political spectrum.

Whether you vote Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or Green, the Peoples Party is for you. 

In the past, like so many people you will have voted without enthusiasm but because your choice was “less bad” than an alternative. Even if you are a committed supporter you will no doubt have become disenchanted with the way your party is drifting from your ideals. We also reach out to the millions who, fed up with the choices offered by the main parties, see little point in voting at all.

Why you should vote for us if you previously voted:

Conservative – we will actually cut taxes, slash bureaucracy and free business to do what it does best; we will stop criminals from reoffending, tackle the welfare culture,  and focus on increasing prosperity for all

Labour – we will make public services excellent, doubling education spending, deliver truly world class integrated health care, build millions of affordable homes, support trade unions and will scrap nuclear weapons

Liberal Democrat– we will rejoin the European Union and reform Britain’s institutions

Green – we will deliver the green transformation by electrifying our economy and phasing out livestock and dairy farming

Q&A with Chris Prior

Chris Prior

Realistically, what chance have you got given the first past the post system?

Very good. Our aim is to win seats. Many traditionally Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem voters prefer our policies. We also appeal to young people who say they are disillusioned, have no political allegiance and would otherwise not vote.

A vote for us is not a wasted vote. First, if you don’t vote for policies you believe in, you will never get the change you want. Second, if you don’t vote for us, we won’t win. Third, support for us influences the platforms of the other parties toward our policies. Fourth, even if we don’t win in your area this time, it puts us in a very strong position next.

The system gives disproportionate power to smaller parties. Even a 5% share of the vote, taken from an established party can have a tremendous impact on the overall result of the election.

How many candidates do you expect to field at the general election?

As many as possible. Our aim is to have a candidate in each parliamentary seat.

How are you funded?

We must raise as much money as possible from small and large donations. Funding is the key challenge; the more money we can raise the stronger campaign we can fight.

What is your background?

I have worked in both in central and local government, at the highest and lowest levels. I have also worked for leading private sector companies and run my own business. I read politics at Exeter University. About ten years ago, and partly based on my experience in the public sector I wrote “Competitive Government” which sets out a new philosophy of government, setting out how government can deliver first class services that are continually improved to ensure excellence.

Why the Peoples Party?

I have long felt that none of the mainstream political parties have the ambition to deliver the real change our country needs to thrive in the modern world. The “more of the same” approach of the current Conservative government and the Labour Party are a disaster for the British people. We can do much better if only we have the courage to embrace radical change. Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair scratched the surface, but we need to be a lot bolder if we are to achieve the transformation our country needs. The disaster of the last decade, culminating in Brexit and Boris Johnson illustrates how far we have to go to put things right.

Our values

Underpinning our progressive agenda and desire for radical change is a strong belief in and support for traditional British values. We are proud of our country, its history, culture and ethos – we believe in Great Britain and want it to be greater still. We believe in decency, honesty and fair play and the quintessential qualities of courage, risk taking, self discipline, stoicism, hard work, humility, duty, trust, loyalty, integrity, egalitarianism, tolerance, forgiveness, self sacrifice, respect and leadership which epitomise the British spirit.

For us real patriotism is about far than posing in front of a few union jacks, it is about living and breathing British values in everyday life and doing the right thing. You cannot stand for Britain if you lie in your private and public life. We deplore the sham patriotism of those who put themselves and their career before doing what is best for the British people.

Our mission is to ensure everyone has the best possible opportunities to succeed and thrive in the world.