Climate Change and the environment


Climate change is a global disaster which requires urgent access to address.


We are committed to do all we can to reduce/eliminate emissions and pollution.


We support schemes to capture carbon in the atmosphere and promote sustainable development.


The Peoples Party will:


declare "war" on pollution - ensure that Britain is a leader in "green" initiatives


promote zero emission energy production


reduce the UK's carbon emissions to zero by 2030


introduce measures to tackle the outsourcing of emissions/pollution to other countries


impose pollution taxes, reward people for environmentally friendly initiatives


support the removal of plastic from food packaging


support usable packaging such as glass bottles, require deposit schemes that make recycling pay


introduce a series of immediate improvements including tree planting and public space planting schemes e.g. on road verges to encourage bio-diversity


encourage the development of carbon capture technologies


encourage environmentally friendly farming including encouraging a massive reduction in meat and dairy production, with a focus on plant based substitutes













Published and promoted by Christopher Prior,

The Peoples Party for Better Government, 13 Middle Way, Oxford OX2 7LH