Our prosperity depends on the success of business and commerce. Every step must be taken to make our country the most attractive place to start, run, expand and invest in businesses.  Government has a vital role to play in providing the right environment for enterprise but too often government initiatives hinder rather than help business.


Taxing UK based businesses no longer makes economic sense and, with globalisation, is increasingly unfair.


Our pursuit of excellence in public services will deliver real commercial benefits. We believe that money should be left with companies to do what business does best; to employ people and create wealth.


The Peoples Party will:


abolish Corporation Tax and exempt the first £30,000 of profit for the self employed from income based taxes


abolish Employers National Insurance contributions and Self Employed National Insurance contributions


abolish most regulation particularly in employment matters and replace with a "short" business charter


cap the liability of companies, limit claims and the scope for litigation


abolish Business Rates for all businesses with less than a £1m turnover





Government has a primary role to ensure effective and efficient transport links. Traffic jams, congestion, delays, overcrowding simply have no place in a dynamic and successful country.


The Peoples Party will:


increase public investment in transport infrastructure by 50% and leverage private investment by 200%


undertake a wholesale renewal and modernisation of Britain's road network, fixing potholes, resurfacing, updating road markings and reflective studs, making roads new technology friendly


promote "smart" transport solutions to increase use of existing transport capacity, encourage autonomous driving technologies


promote electric vehicles, aggressively phase out diesel and petrol vehicles


encourage cycling within towns and cities, change laws on electric bikes and scooters to promote their adoption


change planning laws to make the construction of new transport infrastructure a national priority that cannot be delayed by local protests


encourage the construction of new bypasses to remove congestion and free towns and villages from through traffic


require dramatic improvements to rail commuter services, increasing capacity and improving seating


establish a new network of affordable high speed trains to reduce journey times and increase capacity


ensure that airport capacity anticipates demand


require cars to display an insurance disc, replace the MoT with an annual service requirement for vehicles




Ensuring long term energy supplies is a primary responsibility of government. Energy must be affordable, sustainable and climate change friendly.


Expedient measures such as burning natural gas to create electricity, aside from the environmental impact is an extremely wasteful use of a precious resource. Further, as the amount of gas in the North Sea declines, it will also make the United Kingdom highly dependent on imports.


Our strategic vulnerability, at the end of pipelines or LPG tanker routes, demands the development of alternative sources of energy supply, sooner rather than later.


The Peoples Party will:


support and encourage the use of small and medium reactors (SMRs) as the most practical and environmentally friendly solution to our energy needs. Free Rolls Royce from restrictions in the development and application of this technology


encourage the exploitation of UK offshore shale gas resources, with a ten year moratorium on land based fracking to gather evidence on its environmental impact


encourage domestic energy production through solar and heat pumps


support economic renewable energy schemes such as offshore wind farms




We believe that the arguments about Britain's membership of the European Union are a dangerous distraction from the real issues facing our country. Not only is leaving a grave mistake resulting from a disastrous failure of political leadership, the process consumes an inordinate amount of government and parliamentary time which would be much better spent addressing the real priorities of the British people.


The Peoples Party supports:


our continued membership of the European Union as we believe the benefits of membership easily out weigh the costs of leaving


assuming Britain does leave the European Union, we will seek to make full use of the "freedoms" that may result


negotiations to create an Atlantic Trade Area between North America and the Europe as a basis for greater prosperity, freedom of movement and security for the people and commerce




Current and past immigration policies have been deeply flawed, undermining popular support and leading to social tensions. This, coupled with a woeful failure to integrate and to assimilate immigrants into British culture has been a disaster.


The United Kingdom is a nation of immigrants. Immigration is not bad but good. We will need immigrants to help our country prosper and succeed in the future. We support freedom of movement within the EU but like other EU nations, we do not need immigrants who are a burden on the state, have no intention of assimilating and contributing to national prosperity.


As a nation we must seek to attract the best and brightest to live in our country, actively recruiting talent from around the world and making it very easy to come and settle in the UK.


The Peoples Party will:


introduce a positive immigration policy that headhunts people of talent, enterprise and industry encouraging them to move to the UK


limit all other forms of immigration by introducing an immediate economic benefit test


ensure that the welfare system does not encourage illegal immigration to the UK


make the mastery of English a formal requirement to stay


actively the encourage the assimilation of recent immigrants to the UK and British culture


aggressively tackle discrimination of all kinds, including self imposed discrimination by immigrants who seek to retain practices that are not compatible with assimilation into mainstream British culture


Foreign Affairs


We must do all we can to help the people of developing nations achieve economic prosperity and development. As a key element of this we must promote the use of English in these countries and provide extensive support for learning the language.


In a world that is capable of achieving so much, it is scandal that so many still live in poverty without basic provisions such as fresh water, food, sanitation, immunisation and shelter. This must be addressed as a priority.


We also deplore the waste of the talents of people who are born into underdeveloped countries. We must do all that we can to give the opportunity for people to achieve their full potential.


The world needs a "United Nations" that works to improve the lives of people who live in developing countries and or under political tyranny. The failure of the current United Nations means that too often global initiatives fall to the United States and the resolve of the American people to resource the struggle for development, freedom and democracy.


The Peoples Party supports:


increased foreign aid to help ensure that people have the basic staples of life


foreign aid initiatives that provide education. We will seek to establish and fund education projects in developing countries, including the provision of computers, tablets and the supporting infrastructure to access online education courses. We will fund WiFi programmes to provide global access to the internet


challenging authoritarian models of government and stopping the expansion of the Chinese model of government


the creation of global citizenship to allow the talented and most able to best harness their skills irrespective of national boundaries


foreign policy initiatives and actions inspired and led by the United States as it compensates for the weakness of the United Nations in delivering global security and development


a remodeling of the voting procedures of the United Nations to reflect the contributions of its members to the organisation's work


Local government


Local government needs to be radically reformed. It has evolved to become bureaucratic, wasteful and unaccountable.  Popular resentment with the performance of local government is evident by the poor turnouts at local elections. Few people know who their local councillors are, and council operations and decision making are mystery that even fewer people can claim to understand.


The revitalisation of local government is necessary to make it again an effective force.


The Peoples Party will:


replace all local councillors with an elected mayor or chief executive


remove many of the current functions of local government such as education to ensure better accountability


make the council tax directly related to cost of local services


ensure that local government is focused on local issues such as roads, libraries and recreation. We will make public parks and open spaces outstanding


Constitutional and Governmental Reform


The House of Lords is an anachronism that must be replaced with a properly democratic second chamber able to hold the Government to account.


The House of Commons has grown unwieldy, making it difficult to attract the talent required for good government.


The Peoples Party will:


We will remove the rights of existing peers to sit in the House of Lords


We will instead create a second chamber of 100 Lords, elected by proportional representation, based on the votes received by political parties at the last general election


We will reduce the size of the House of Commons to 200 MPs and double their salaries


Build a new parliament building outside London and not spend billlions refurbishing the Palace of Westminster


Encourage participation in elections by paying each voter £10 for casting a vote




The system of agricultural subsidies inherent in the European Union's Common Agricultural policy promotes inefficiency, waste and higher food prices.  They also hinder the development of third world economies making it virtually impossible for these countries to export agricultural products to the EU. We recognise that livestock farming is a major contributor to global warming and that the UK must dramatically reduce its consumption of meat and diary products.


The Peoples Party will:


embark on an agricultural revolution that will seek to virtually eliminate farming's contribution to climate change


abolish subsidies and establish measures to compensate for the loss of agricultural subsidies


encourage farmers to concentrate on the production of high quality, wholesome and health promoting vegetarian foodstuffs, drastically cutting back on meat production


ban non UK based fishing boats from UK waters


encourage developing economies to export agricultural produce to the UK











Published and promoted by Christopher Prior,

The Peoples Party for Better Government, 13 Middle Way, Oxford OX2 7LH