The current system does not deliver the first class health care people deserve and expect. The NHS must be properly funded to ensure that people have access to the best possible treatment when they need it.


Health is not just about treating people when they get sick, it is about preventing sickness in the first place. This principally involves encouraging people to eat better, to take exercise and not to smoke. It also requires a comprehensive health screening exercise for both men and women to diagnose and treat medical problems in their early stages.



The Peoples Party will:


introduce "a right to first class health care, free at the point of use"


change the NHS from the National Health Service to the National Health Scheme, the focus being on delivery of health rather than the treatment of sickness


the NHS will cover the full cost of all treatments, including prescriptions, dental and eye care


increase health care funding by at least 25% and establish autonomous health management organisations (HMOs) to improve the accountability and delivery of health services


ensure a professional working environment for all healthcare staff


transfer every hospital and treatment centre to an HMO responsible for managing its own affairs, staffing levels and use of resources


ensure the highest quality treatments, cost control and the value for money through a legally empowered audit function


establish specialist hospitals to treat those conditions for which significant demand exists


increase focus on mental health care, and provided increased support for those suffering from and caring for dementia


allow people to deduct the costs of private health insurance or treatment from their health tax


limit the scope of medical negligence claims


give British citizens for worldwide medical cover under the NHS


require GP surgeries to open at weekends and provide 24/7 cover


preserve existing and create a new network of cottage hospitals


expand and develop preventative care services and dramatically improve health screening


introduce incentives including deductions from health tax for healthy life styles


help tackle obesity by subsidising high protein foods such as meat and fish alongside fresh fruit and vegetables


fund all social care, embrace ways of improving the quality of life for those not able to care for themselves, including the creation of retirement campuses​ and villages


legalise euthanasia and establish a new profession to help individuals take responsibility for the "end of life issue" and to make decisions about their own death







Published and promoted by Christopher Prior,

The Peoples Party for Better Government, 13 Middle Way, Oxford OX2 7LH