A home is a fundamental aspiration of all. Aside from practicality and personal satisfaction, it is the foundation of so many things that society needs and wishes to promote. Access to housing is vital for national prosperity.


For far too many people owning a home or even affording the rent on suitable accommodation is an impossible dream. This must change.


We will emulate the Victorian terrace housing programme, providing good quality housing that costs no more than £75,000 a property.



The Peoples Party will:


undertake a massive house building programme in areas of housing need, ensuring that good quality houses are built which are affordable for people to buy with mortgages based on average salaries


our aim will be to stimulate the construction of 500,000 "Peoples Homes" a year


use the planning powers of government and compulsory purchase agricultural land at market value to make sure that nothing gets in the way of this objective


implement the Prince of Wales's strategy for improving the UK housing












Published and promoted by Christopher Prior,

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