We believe it is possible to have great tasting, healthy, affordable food that is kind to the planet and animals.

The Peoples Party must:
encourage farmers to concentrate on the production of tasty, high quality, wholesome and health-promoting foodstuffs
minimise the waste of unwanted food
abolish subsidies and establish measures for maintaining wildlife habitats, encouraging the reintroduction of hedgerows and the growing of trees
phase out meat and dairy products in favour of plant-based foods, and cultured meat by 2050, with a 25% reduction by 2030
encourage housing development on land no longer required for livestock
ban factory farming and any other farming method that exploits animals
ban the killing of animals without stunning
phase out the routine use of antibiotics and pesticides in agriculture. Encourage new technologies to modernise farming including vertical farming and robotic weeding
encourage and support the production of alternatives to animal-based foods
tackle the scourge of obesity with decisive action on fattening foods
ban industrial fishing and stop inhumane fishing practices
encourage developing economies to export agricultural produce to the UK in eco-friendly ways

Our mission must be to help everyone have access to a super diet and tasty food.

Meat and dairy production are disastrous for the environment, inherently cruel, and not good for human health. Gas chambers, the killing of male calves, repeated artificial insemination, and the wholesale exploitation of animals is truly dreadful.

We must support farmers in switching from animal to plant based food production. The transition is a tremendous opportunity as the world turns its back on eating animals. Britain can lead the way by embracing change and selling expertise. We must also encourage the development of sustainable farming businesses by a combination of tax and regulation elimination.