Better Government

Excellent government is vital for everyone. Too often government offers second or third rate services.

The Peoples Party will:
undertake a transformation of UK government to make it excellent
adopt best practices from governments around the world
give public servants bonuses related to the performance of government in improving national prosperity
establish a “dissent channel” with a direct link to the Prime Minister to enable reporting on problems in public service delivery
follow the principles set out in Competitive Government

“Government has a unique position in every society, but it is this primary role that makes it extremely vulnerable to under-performance. Governments suffer from the failings of monopoly and, for various reasons, the regulatory functions that legislatures should perform, are insufficient to overcome the consequences.

As a result countries get stuck with policies and programs that are outdated and inefficient. Society moves on but government far from leading, falls further and further behind. The power of government is diminished and dissipated, its resources and potential wasted, the opportunities for progress lost. Improving the performance of government is the “elephant in the room” when it comes to seeking ways to generate new prosperity and economic growth.

The fundamental challenge is making sure that all government programmes are as effective as possible in realising their objectives. This can only be achieved by comparing, contrasting and learning from the best practices of other governments and corporations.

Maximising value is at the heart of competitive government. Identifying, assessing and delivering are crucial elements. Successful governments focus on where they can best add or leverage the most value to their countries.”

Chris Prior  – Competitive Government