Climate change

Climate change is a global emergency and must be treated as such. Half measures, wishful thinking, prevarication is simply not good enough. We must take the lead. We must act now if we are to give our children any chance of tackling this problem.

The Peoples Party must:
adopt a comprehensive strategy to avert the ecological crisis facing the UK
triple green electricity generation capacity, modernise the national grid and ensure its ongoing stability
replace gas boilers with heat source pumps by 2035, encourage domestic energy production and improved insulation
get polluting vehicles off the road by 2035, encouraging the purchase of electric cars and trucks
phase out livestock and dairy farming, replacing it with eco-friendly land uses, including affordable housing
champion bio diversity, including iniatives to tackle the cataclysmic loss of insects
plant billions of trees, encouraging tree nurseries with an initial aim of more than doubling woodland by 2050

Policies must deliver massive cuts in emissions while stimulating economic growth, permitting further investment in eco friendly infrastructure and projects. We must not only embrace challenging targets, but we must also take the hard decisions to deliver them.

It means investing to ensure that the UK has sufficient clean and reliable electricity generation capacity to meet future demand.

We must champion an agricultural revolution that will massively reduce the emissions from livestock and dairy production, in favour of plant based and cultured meat alternatives. We address our impact on the natural world, seeking to make good losses in vital elements of the food chain such as insect populations.

Government must not seek to “make money” from climate change by introducing new taxes. It should instead limit and ban emissions directly. Likewise, we must guard against “offshoring” pollution and require imported products to be produced under the same eco-friendly conditions we will adopt in Britain.