Climate change

We are the GREEN party. Our policies will deliver massive reductions in emissions while stimulating economic growth permitting further investment in eco friendly infrastructure and projects.

Unlike the current government, we will not only embrace challenging targets, we will take the hard decisions to deliver them.

This means ensuring that the country has sufficient clean and reliable electricity generation capacity to meet future demand. With this, we will be able to electrify transport and heating.

We will also champion an agricultural revolution that will massively reduce the emissions from livestock and dairy production, in favour of plant based and cultured meat alternatives.

Climate change is a global problem that requires global solutions. Exporting emissions through purchasing products made from burning fossil fuels abroad is pointless. We must help less developed countries prosper by adopting climate friendly technologies, instead of the old polluting industries of today.

The Peoples Party will:

  • triple generation capacity by encouraging renewable electricity generation and construction small modular reactors
  • modernise the national gird to cope with a tripling of demand
  • replace gas boilers with heat source pumps by 2035, encourage domestic energy production and improved insulation
  • get polluting vehicles off the road by 2035, encouraging the purchase of electric powered cars and trucks
  • phase out livestock and dairy farming, replacing it with eco-friendly land uses including housing
  • plant hundreds of millions of trees with an initial aim of more than doubling woodland by 2050
  • ensure that emissions are not just exported and provide extensive assistance to developing countries to generate clean energy