Constitutional and Governmental Reform

We are a progressive, liberal party. We encourage freedom of thought, belief and expression and will actively promote these values in all aspects of national life. We support individual freedom and will ensure that rights are protected and enhanced by the state. We oppose all forms of discrimination and will do all that we can to ensure every person can achieve their full potential.

We believe that monarchy and the establishment it represents are incompatible with the modern country we wish to create. We want to increase the powers of the head of state and embed these in a constitution. The “King” or “Queen” should be more than a figurehead and act as the “conscious of the nation.” They should have the legitimacy required to veto legislation that is not in the long term interests of the British people. The whole Brexit debacle highlighted the weakness of the current system. The head of state should not be decided by birth into a particular family, we want the “King” or “Queen” to be directly elected by the people.

Britain’s constitution needs to guarantee the rule of law and clearly set out the separation of powers between the government, parliament and the judiciary.

The House of Lords is an anachronism that must be replaced with a properly democratic second chamber able to hold the Government to account.

The House of Commons has grown unwieldy, making it difficult to attract the talent required for good government.

Devolution within the United Kingdom is a disaster, it is a half way house that needs either to go further or be reversed.

As a secular party and we believe in the disestablishment of the Church of England.

The Peoples Party will:

  • consult to find the best way of introducing a directly elected head of state
  • establish a written constitution and a bill of rights for the United Kingdom
  • remove the rights of existing peers to sit in the House of Lords
  • create a second chamber of 100 Lords, elected by proportional representation, based on the votes received by political parties at the last general election
  • require the Lords to meet at venues outside London, traveling the country on a regular circuit to help increase popular engagement
  • reduce the size of the House of Commons to 200 MPs and double their salaries
  • abolish devolution and support votes on full independence for Scotland, Wales and the unification of Ireland
  • separate Church and State, with schools required to be secular and not favour a particular religion in their teaching or day to day operation.