Constitutional and Governmental Reform

Fundamental changes are needed to make the governance of the United Kingdom more effective and resilient. Our system of government is outdated and should be updated to reflect the realities of the modern world.

The Peoples Party must:
establish a written constitution and an updated Bill of Rights for the UK
replace the hereditary monarchy with the King or Queen chosen by a different method such as direct election for a fixed term
reduce the size of the House of Commons to 200 MPs and double their salaries
remove the rights of existing peers to sit in the House of Lords
create a second chamber of 100 Lords, elected by proportional representation, based on the votes received by political parties at the last general election
require the Lords to meet at venues outside London, travelling the country on a regular circuit to help increase awareness and engagement
replace the current honours system
disestablish the Church of England
abolish devolution and support votes on complete independence for Scotland, Wales and the unification of Ireland

Freedom of thought, belief and expression must be actively promoted in all aspects of national life. In an age where tolerance is eroded, and liberty is vulnerable, we need to ensure that these values are formally set out in a new Bill of Rights. It is a key role of the state to protect and support individual freedom. All forms of discrimination are wrong, and we must ensure every person can achieve their full potential.

Britain’s constitution needs to guarantee the rule of law and set out the separation of powers between the government, parliament, and the judiciary.

The hereditary monarchy and the Establishment it symbolises are incompatible with the modern, progressive country we must create. The head of state should not be decided by birth into a particular family. The principle is outdated, limits talent and opportunity, and flies in the face of the inclusive society we must create.

The King or Queen should be more than a figurehead and act as the conscience of the nation. The powers of the head of state should be increased and these embedded in the written constitution. They must have the authority to protect people from an over mighty state or dictatorial government, bypassing Parliament. They need the legitimacy to veto legislation that is not in the interests of the British people. The whole Brexit debacle highlighted the weakness of the current system.

The House of Lords is an anachronism that must be replaced with a properly democratic second chamber able to hold the Government to account.

The House of Commons has grown unwieldy, making it challenging to attract the talent required for good government or even the proper review of government activities. In particular, the routine lack of financial analysis, detailed scrutiny of public expenditure and budgetary control of large projects, is shocking. The Commons repeatedly fails in its primary mission to hold the executive to account.  A significant proportion of members are nothing more than third rate, pompous windbags, a situation replicated to a greater degree in the UK’s devolved assemblies.

Devolution has been a disaster. It is a halfway house that needs to go further or be reversed.