Culture and sport

We must be proud of British culture, history and traditions.

The Peoples Party will:
promote British history and culture in schools
create a Museum of British History
abolish the BBC licence fee
abolish political correctness, promote freedom of speech, allow jokes, humour and comment without legal restrictions
fund the provision of sport at all levels
support and encourage music, theatre, ballet and opera

Great Britain and the British Empire were a force for good, and our country’s achievements should be celebrated. British history should be a core subject in schools, and we must create a National Museum of British History to increase the accessibility of our island story. Understanding history is essential to learn from past mistakes and inform good decision making in the future.

We must fully support media freedom and oppose all forms of censorship. We must stop funding the BBC through the licence fee and seek to provide a level playing field for media outlets.

We must support the performing arts and seek to encourage them at all levels. Competitive sport is essential to provide exercise and build a sense of community.