Education is the route to opportunity and prosperity. Successive governments have never accorded education the top priority it deserves. The objective must be the delivery of a first class education for all, regardless of location or background.

Investing in education is at the core of our political philosophy. Education is the key to individual, family and national well being and security. Education is vitally important to ensure prosperity and opportunity. It is key to closing the UK’s productivity gap with other developed countries.

Transforming education offers hope. So many of the problems we face today whether they be welfare poverty, ill health, crime or even issues such as Brexit are down to failures of education.

We must understand that investing more at the front end of life, leads to greater returns in individual and national prosperity later and significant savings in not paying to address problems caused by educational failure. In short for every £1 spent, significantly more is generated or saved.

For every citizen an excellent education is indispensable for a happy, prosperous and fulfilled life.

The Peoples Party must:
double education funding to £225bn, an average of £20,000 per pupil to transform education at all levels
establish all “state” schools as independent charitable trusts, freeing them to manage to make the best use of resources, using the best schools as role models
improve the status and skills set of teachers, paying professional salaries for the professionals that outstanding teaching demands
ensure that schools are lead and managed in the most effective ways
ensure the curriculum is relevant and useful to the modern world, learning to use spreadsheets is, for instance, far more useful for most children than algebra or trigonometry
make education fun and engaging at all levels
learn from international best practice to foster excellence in educational outcomes, rather concentrating on the traditional input based subject by subject approach
introduce a new ethos that makes education both flexible and relevant, ensuring that it equips pupils to get the best from tomorrow’s opportunities
adopt a new system of assessing achievement to replace A levels and GCSEs focussing on the “real world” skills that pupils need in the 21st century, removing formal testing at 16
introduce three 13 week terms and one 12 week term. Apart from a week over Christmas and New Year, abolish set school holidays with parents taking children out of school to suit their holiday arrangements.
lengthen the school day to up to 6pm for primary school children, and later for secondary school pupils
encourage competitive sport and after school activities
concentrate far greater resources on early childhood, giving children the best possible start in the first five years
make schools knowledge and resource centres for communities open 7 days a week. Ensure the facilities are used much more intensively, providing educational opportunities throughout life
stimulate vocational education
encourage people to pursue teaching as a “second career” so that the benefit of their experience is passed on – “those that can do and then they teach.” Abolish the need for teaching qualifications for mature teachers, with the focus on inspiring pupils to achieve and succeed
abolish all university tuition charges, reintroduce student grants and “wipe clean” existing student debt
allow parents who choose to pay for education to offset school fees against education tax or opt for vouchers up to £20,000 per pupil
never allow education to be disrupted in the way it has over the pandemic
make a British liberal education available world wide with a global online school Open School, modelled on the Open University concept.

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