Foreign Affairs

We must do all we can to help the people of developing nations achieve economic prosperity and development. As a key element of this we must promote the use of English in these countries and provide extensive support for learning the language.

In a world that is capable of achieving so much, it is scandal that so many still live in poverty without basic provisions such as fresh water, food, sanitation, immunisation and shelter. This must be addressed as a priority.

We also deplore the waste of the talents of people who are born into underdeveloped countries. We must do all that we can to give the opportunity for people to achieve their full potential.

Fully engage in international diplomacy and non governmental organisations to promote freedom of speech and the rule of law. We will actively oppose organisations such as the Chinese Communist Party that seek to limit the free flow of information, people or ideas.

The world needs a “United Nations” that works to improve the lives of people who live in developing countries and or under political tyranny. The failure of the current United Nations means that too often global initiatives fall to the United States and the resolve of the American people to resource the struggle for development, freedom and democracy.

The Peoples Party supports:

  • increased foreign aid to help ensure that people have the basic staples of life
  • foreign aid initiatives that provide education. We will seek to establish and fund education projects in developing countries, including the provision of computers, tablets and the supporting infrastructure to access online education courses. We will fund WiFi programmes to provide global access to the internet
  • the promotion of “western values” – freedom of speech, liberty and tolerance.
  • the creation of global citizenship to allow the talented and most able to best harness their skills irrespective of national boundaries
  • establishment of a G7+ freedom of movement programme to allow citizens to live and work freely in member countries
  • foreign policy initiatives and actions inspired and led by the United States as it compensates for the weakness of the United Nations in delivering global security and development
  • a remodelling of the voting procedures of the United Nations to reflect the contributions of its members to the organisation’s work