We must re-join the EU as soon as possible. Leaving inflicted massive self-harm and represents a disastrous failure of British political leadership and governmental institutions.

The lies told then and perpetuated today are an indelible stain on the Conservative Party.

The Peoples Party supports:
re-joining the European Union at the earliest opportunity
joining the Schengen Area and adopting the Euro
in the interim, taking all possible measures to eliminate the bureaucracy and costs of Brexit

Britain will be significantly poorer and less secure until we manage to re-join. Leaving the EU has impoverished everyone, be it lost growth, inflation, extra borrowing, higher taxes, delays, shortages, unripe food, loss of freedom of movement, reduced life choices, missed opportunities and additional bureaucracy.

The claimed “benefits” of leaving in no way offset these costs. The EU is more than just an economic union. It is a political ideal in which Britain should be playing its full part. The EU enhanced and protected our sovereignty rather than diminished it.

Those who led the Leave campaign repeatedly lied to the British people and deliberately acted against the national interest.  We must hold those involved accountable for their treasonable actions.