Leaving the European Union was an unmitigated national tragedy, inflicting massive self harm. It resulted from a disastrous failure of British political leaders and governmental institutions.

The Peoples Party supports:
rejoining the European Union at the earliest opportunity
in the interim, taking all possible measures to eliminate the bureaucracy and costs of Brexit

Britain will be significantly poorer and less secure until we manage to rejoin. Leaving the EU has cost every person dear, be it lost growth, missed opportunities, extra borrowing, higher taxes, increased prices, shortages, unripe food, reduced choices and additional bureaucracy.

The claimed “benefits” of leaving in no way offset these costs.

The promotion of liberal democratic values, freedom of movement, the customs union and Single Market enrich all its members, and we lose sight of this at our peril. The EU is more than just an economic union. It is a political ideal in which Britain should be playing its full part.

Being a full and active member of the EU is a vital national interest and key to our security. For centuries Europe has been the primary source of conflict, resulting in hundreds of thousands of British people being killed, not to mention the massive economic cost of wars and the blight imposed on countless lives.

Being part of the EU gave us the best possible opportunity to work closely with others to ensure peace, creating the conditions that made future conflict impossible. The EU enhanced and protected our sovereignty rather than diminished it.

Those who led the Leave campaign repeatedly lied to the British people and deliberately acted against the national interest.  We must hold those involved accountable for their treasonable actions.

We need to be in the EU, and the EU needs us and should welcome us back.