Growth and prosperity

We believe that the primary objective of government must be to deliver economic prosperity and growth. Everything that government does must be focused on supporting this aim. We must encourage the creation of globally competitive businesses in all parts of the United Kingdom, vitally supporting new, small and medium-sized companies to achieve their full potential. Stimulating entreprenship and innovation are indispensable for success.

For innovation to thrive experience shows that seven kinds of capital must be present: financial, human, cultural, political, social, natural, and infrastructure. We will focus on each to deliver outstanding provision. 

Education, health, climate change, tax, all other policies must be judged on how effectively and efficiently they promote this goal. Policies are mutually supportive and collectively contribute to delivery. We must have a clear plan, and an implementation strategy giving short, medium and long term wins. 

We will ensure that innovation hubs and accelerators are established across the country. We must make Britain the best place for new and expanding businesses.

National prosperity underpins individual, family and community success and happiness. 

Growth and advances in national well being are not some nebulous concept but can be measured, with performance compared and contrasted with other countries.

Based on current performance, we will set challenging targets and work to achieve them.

We want Britain to be top in all indices of national performance, our country to be a truly great place to live.