Growth and prosperity

The prime objective of government must be to help deliver economic prosperity and growth. Everything the government does must be focused on supporting this aim.

Sustained increases in real household incomes define success. Under the current government, annual growth in real household incomes has fallen to a pitiful 0.1%, far less than past achievements and completely unacceptable. We cannot acquiesce in national failure. We must make people better off.

We must encourage the creation of globally competitive businesses in all parts of the United Kingdom.

Vital is supporting new, small and medium-sized companies to achieve their full potential. Stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation are indispensable for success.

We must ensure that innovation hubs and accelerators are established across the country. We must make Britain the best place for new and expanding businesses.

We should focus on excellence in all the areas essential for innovation and growth; financial, human, cultural, political, social, natural, and infrastructure. Education, health, climate change, tax, all other policies must be judged on how effectively and efficiently they promote this goal.

Performance must be measured, compared, and contrasted with other countries. Based on where we are now, we must set challenging targets and work to achieve them.

We want Britain to be top in all indices of national performance, our country to be a genuinely great place to live. National prosperity underpins individual, family and community success and happiness.

Obviously, the whole programme outlined in this book cannot be introduced on day one of government.

We need to establish a multiyear timetable for implementation. Policies are mutually supportive and collectively contribute to delivery. We must have a clear plan and a strategy maximising short, medium and long term wins.



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