We must deliver the first class integrated health care which the current system fails to provide.

The Peoples Party will:
introduce “a right to first class health care, free at the point of use”
abolish waiting lists, the “right” to health care means that excellent care must be offered when it is medically required, not in the distant future, when an appointment happens to be available
as part of the radical reform of taxation, establish a Health Tax to properly fund care, formally linking the cost of care with the level of the tax
increase health care funding by at least 25% and establish competitive, non profit health management organisations (HMOs) to improve the accountability, efficiency, delivery and performance of health services. Providing transparency and choice are key to better services
change the NHS from the National Health Service to the National Health Scheme, putting it on a sustainable basis with the focus being on delivery of health rather than the treatment of sickness
increase survival rates so NHS outcomes are the best in the world
tackle regional disparities, removing the postcode lottery of care
establish specialist hospitals to efficiently treat those conditions for which significant demand exists
establish surgical hubs for elective operations, making use of the most efficient and effective techniques
ensure the highest quality treatments, cost control and value for money through a legally empowered audit function
ensure the NHS covers the full cost of all treatments, including prescriptions, dental and eye care
allow people to deduct the costs of private health insurance or treatment from their Health Tax
ensure a professional working culture for all healthcare staff; training, retaining and recruiting staff to ensure proper staffing levels are maintained
give every hospital and treatment centre responsibility for managing its affairs, staffing levels and use of resources
use innovative technology to transform care, ranging from virtual consultations to remote assistance in operations
increase the number of hospital beds/number of doctors and apply lessons from the best practices of the most successful health systems
ensure comprehensive follow up care for patients once they have been discharged from hospital, with them receiving the contact details of the consultant responsible for their care
fund all social care, embrace ways of improving the quality of life for those unable to care for themselves, including creating retirement campuses and villages. Carers must be valued and rewarded for the challenging role they perform
increase the focus on mental health care, and provided increased support for those suffering from and caring for dementia
ensure an “open” learning culture, limit the scope of medical negligence claims
give British citizens worldwide medical cover under the NHS
properly fund GPs, establish continuity of care with people routinely seeing the same doctor, require GP surgeries to open at weekends and provide 24/7 cover
preserve existing and create a new network of cottage hospitals
expand and develop preventative care services and dramatically improve health screening
establish partnerships with firms such as drug companies to incentivise preventive treatments
introduce incentives including deductions from the Health Tax for healthy lifestyles
help tackle obesity by subsidising high protein foods such as meat alternatives, alongside fresh fruit and vegetables
establish that male and female sexes are decided at birth
legalise assisted dying and create a new profession to help individuals take responsibility for “end of life issues” and to make decisions about their own death
encourage paying foreign nationals to seek medical care in the UK

The NHS must be properly funded and transformed to ensure that people have access to world class care throughout their lives.

The backlog of six million operations is a massive national failure, a terrible indictment of a failed system. Waiting lists, postcode rationing, unresponsive services, the denial of drugs and treatment on cost grounds are simply unacceptable. The continuing neglect of social care is a disgrace. Fundamental change is essential for those requiring and delivering care. Carers must be paid fairly for their vital work, with care homes fully funded.

Health is not just about treating people when they get sick. It is about preventing sickness in the first place. Principally, this involves encouraging and empowering people to act responsibly and take “ownership” of their bodies, to eat better, to take exercise and not to smoke. It also requires a comprehensive health screening programme to diagnose and treat medical problems in their early stages.