A home is a fundamental need for all. Not only is it an essential requirement for people, but homes are also the foundation for so many things that society needs and wishes to promote.

The Peoples Party must:
undertake a massive house building programme ensuring that good quality eco-friendly houses are built which are affordable for people to buy with mortgages based on average salaries
stimulate the construction of at least 500,000 new homes a year with an average purchase cost of £100,000
commission a range of high quality, customisable people’s houses that are eco-friendly, affordable, efficient and desirable homes to live
establish a National Construction Corps to address worker shortages giving people vital skills in building, plumbing and electricial installations
use the planning powers of government to compulsory purchase agricultural land at its market value to make sure that nothing gets in the way of this objective
ensure that the cost of an average building plot is no more than £2,000
simplify and speed up the process of buying and selling a home
provide help to tenants who are seeking to buy properties, ensuring that people are not trapped indefinitely in rental properties
abolish the requirement to get planning permission in most cases, replacing existing rules with simple rights such as the right to a view and light. Facilitate the upgrade of buildings by abolishing Grade 2 listings and conservation areas
actively encourage eco friendly new builds in the countryside and simplify building control requirements
encourage more intensive use of existing plots, including the demolition of older single houses and their replacement with multiple eco dwellings
make it illegal to discriminate against the self employed in mortgage applications
facilitate older people leaving larger houses with attractive downsizing options
ensure that everyone has somewhere to live, come what may, the principle is that the State will always help you to get safe accommodation in which to stay
ban new second home ownership, consult on introducing measures that will force existing second home owners to sell

Access to housing is vital for national and personal prosperity. Affordable homes should be available in suitable locations to facilitate the mobility of people and employment needs.

For far too many people owning a home or even affording the rent on suitable accommodation is an impossible dream. This must change. We must dramatically increase the supply of houses and encourage home ownership. It is ridiculous that the average house costs ten times the average salary.

We must emulate the Victorian terraced housing programme, providing a range of well designed, good quality eco friendly housing that cost no more than an average of £100,000 a property.

To achieve this, we must encourage green housing on land previously used for livestock farming. The plot price must be determined solely by the land’s agricultural value. The current cost of plots dramatically inflates house prices. Alongside the building programme it is vital to provide supporting infrastructure and facilities.

In many areas of the country, second homes conspire to make property unaffordable and unavailable for local people. It is wrong for people to have two houses or more while others have none.