Current and past immigration policies have been deeply flawed, undermining popular support and leading to social tensions. This, coupled with a woeful failure to integrate and to assimilate immigrants into British culture has been a disaster.

The United Kingdom is a nation of immigrants. Immigration is not bad but good. We will need immigrants to help our country prosper and succeed in the future. We support freedom of movement within the EU but like other EU nations, we do not need immigrants who are a burden on the state, have no intention of assimilating and contributing to national prosperity.

As a nation we must seek to attract the best and brightest to live in our country, actively recruiting talent from around the world and making it very easy to come and settle in the UK.

The Peoples Party will:

  • introduce a positive immigration policy that headhunts people of talent, enterprise and industry encouraging them to move to the UK
  • limit all other forms of immigration by introducing an immediate economic benefit test
  • ensure that the welfare system does not encourage illegal immigration to the UK
  • make the mastery of English a formal requirement to stay
  • actively the encourage the assimilation of recent immigrants to the UK and British culture
  • aggressively tackle discrimination of all kinds, including self imposed discrimination by immigrants who seek to retain practices that are not compatible with assimilation into mainstream British culture