Government has a primary role to ensure effective and efficient transport links. Poor infrastructure is a drag on productivity and prosperity, apart from being a source of frustration in everyday life.

Traffic jams, congestion, delays, frustrations, ticket rip offs, overcrowding simply have no place in a dynamic and successful country.

The Peoples Party will:

Increase public investment in transport infrastructure by 50% and leverage private investment by 200%

  • undertake a wholesale renewal and modernisation of Britain’s road network, fixing potholes, resurfacing, updating road markings and reflective studs, making roads new technology friendly
  • promote “smart” transport solutions to increase use of existing transport capacity, encourage autonomous driving technologies
  • change planning laws to make the construction of new transport infrastructure a national priority that cannot be delayed by local protests
  • enhance the motorway network and improve road connectivity
  • encourage the construction of new bypasses to remove congestion and free towns and villages from through traffic
  • promote electric cars, phase out diesel and petrol cars, lorries and buses
  • require cars to display an insurance disc, ensure that insurance is affordable for young drivers
  • install a millions of charging points
  • subsidise driving lessons, introduce measures to make insurance affordable for young people
  • encourage cycling within towns and cities
  • promote electric air taxis, delivery uavs and regional air connectivity
  • cut to the bare minimum the “bureaucracy” at airports, every passenger to have a VIP service
  • require dramatic improvements to rail commuter services, increasing capacity and improving seating
  • establish a cost effective network of high speed trains to reduce journey times and increase capacity
  • introduce a simple rail ticketing system adopting international best practice