Trust in politics

Democracy is vitally important and in peril as politicians play fast and loose with the truth, gaslighting the British people.

The Peoples Party must:
rebuild trust in democracy by delivering on its promises
ensure that through outstanding education, people can make informed choices between political parties and politicians, empowering them to distinguish between truth and fake news
create new criminal offences of “lying in, or to obtain public office” and “incompetence in public office”
create an offence for Ministers “to knowingly act against the public interest”
make offences retrospective with a twenty year limit on prosecutions
ensure that those involved in promoting and implementing the disaster of Brexit are the first to face prosecution
bar senior politicians and civil servants from taking jobs in the private sector when they leave office. Tackle sleaze and corruption
take active steps to stop foreign interference in political processes
actively promote democracy to bring down totalitarian regimes

Constant vigilance is required to maintain, strengthen and defend democratic values. Democracy is threatened by politicians who deliberately deceive voters.  History has shown how democracies can be subverted; the rise of the Nazis illustrates how democracy can be destroyed.

The freedom to debate competing ideas within a tolerant framework supported by the rule of law is extremely precious and must be championed. Defending free speech and critical argument is crucial, especially as technology gives opportunities to those with malicious intent to gain power by denying the truth.

A delicate balance must be struck between promoting rival ambitions for the future and barefaced lies. We believe that politicians who lie, knowingly make false promises and distort the truth should face severe punishment.

Taking advantage of voters with ulterior motives, especially when vital national interests are at stake, is akin to treason.

We oppose all forms of political corruption and sleaze. We must actively prosecute corrupt politicians and officials.