Hope not lies

Why you should support for us if you previously voted:

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We will abolish lots of taxes, slash bureaucracy and free up business; we will stop criminals from reoffending, tackle the welfare culture, and focus on increasing prosperity for all


We will make public services excellent, doubling education spending, deliver world class integrated health care, build millions of affordable homes, support trade unions and will not renew Trident

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Liberal Democrats

We will rejoin the European Union and reform Britain’s institutions

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We will deliver the green transformation by electrifying our economy and phasing out livestock and dairy farming

A waste of your vote

The Conservatives are largely responsible for the mess, they have consistently failed Britain. Every Conservative MP who voted for Brexit and supported Boris is complicit in his lies. Labour has no new ideas and is stuck in a “them and us” rut of class struggle, the Liberals are too nice and wishy-washy and the Greens won’t make the hard decisions needed to protect the environment while increasing prosperity. 

In the past you will have voted for one of the old parties or even been so disillusioned that you didn’t vote at all.

Like so many people you have voted without enthusiasm but because your choice was “less bad” than an alternative. Even if you are a committed supporter you will no doubt have become disenchanted with the way your party is drifting from your ideals. 

We offer bold new policies that think big, that are geared for the twenty-first century and beyond

We will deliver the radical changes that will make everyone’s lives better